5 ways to be successful in working with a GPS tracking system

To prepare their players for the game at the highest level, the best football academies put great emphasis on motor preparation based on GPS data. In this E-book you will find 5 examples of how monitoring is used in practice in professional football academies.

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Big Data to optimize your training

For the coach of the youth team, the most important thing is to prepare the players for the game at its highest possible level. GPS monitoring helps to achieve this goal more efficiently. Among other things, In this e-book you will learn:

  • What is the role of motor preparation?

  • How to functionally use the GPS data?

  • How to combine motor training with tactical and technical training?

  • How to adjust the training load?

  • How to properly shape the motor skills of a player?

  • What parameters are worth paying attention to?

  • How to combine the desire to win with the need to develop players?

How can GPS tracking help you win?

GPS data help in creating training plans, improving team play and optimizing player development, which translates into measurable sports effects. Already in the first year of working with Sonda Sports, the U18 Górnik Zabrze team took first place in the Central Youth League and was promoted to the Youth Champions League. In this e-book we will explain what GPS monitoring has to do with it:

  • Assessment of player’s motor skills - creating standards for age categories.

  • Diagnosis of player’s weaknesses and strengths - tips for individual training.

  • Training process planning based on the analysis of monitoring data.

  • Image of the training and its reference to the number of sprints made, accelerations and the distance covered in high intensity.

  • To what extent does training focused on building a football team allows us to achieve high intensity?

  • Adaptation to increasing loads.

Professional GPS/ GNSS tracking system available for everyone

How do top academies shape players’ motor skills?

Here are 5 examples of the practical use of GPS monitoring in professional football academies. You will learn how technology helps you adjust training load, shape proper motor skills and boost development.

  • How does the KGHM Zagłębie Academy use data from GPS?

  • How does the GPS system help shape the motor skills of Lech Poznań Academy players?

  • In what way performance monitoring helped Górnik Zabrze to advance to the Youth Champions League?

  • How does Sonda Sports help build speed and endurance at Reiss Academy?

  • How does GPS monitoring help to adjust training loads in MUKS Bydgoszcz?

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