How do GPS vests help in training young people?

Sometimes, it is not the results that counts, but constant development. When training with youth, one should keep in mind that their bodies undergo some changes. That is why it is important to start monitoring their performance at the optimal age. This e-book will provide you with the information on how the GPS system helps in data analysis and planning training sessions.

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How to shape motor skills of a young player?

In youth sport, player development counts more than results. Therefore, it is worth remembering that:

  • Shape motor and technical skills at the optimal age, using the knowledge from scientific researches.

  • Do as many sports as possible from an early age in order to develop gradually and prevent future overload injuries or early burnouts.

  • Be active during the day, for example, walk 10 000 steps a day / choose stairs over elevator etc.

  • After reaching the age of 13-14, monitor the training load, so as to prevent overload, especially at the age of intensive growth.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How does GPS help to improve performance?

Every coach needs fast, strong and properly prepared players for the season. Our professional sports performance tracking system allows you optimise training load, improve fitness and player performance based on reliable data and modern analytics tools.

  • Thanks to this system we know the distance the player has covered, the maximum speed he has achieved, the number of sprints and accelerations.

  • Regular player monitoring provides information about his fitness.

  • Proper analysis of the data provided helps to adjust the training load and intensity.

  • Using a GPS system helps to reduce the risk of injuries caused by overtraining and under-training.

Professional GPS/ GNSS tracking system available for everyone

Adjusted to the needs of every team

Our GPS tracking system allows you to measure the performance and physical load of players. All data is presented in our application in the way so as to facilitate the analysis of results and draw conclusions.

  • Application with a comprehensible input (Data analysis with the help of computer or mobile devices (Android and IOS).

  • Constant access to data in the cloud and LIVE preview function.

  • Comparison of players (the ability to compare players on chosen positions).

  • Offer adapted for the academies with limited budget.

  • Ability to create and monitor as many teams as you want.

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