How to improve your team performance at every game level?

Every coach needs fast, strong and properly prepared players for the season. But what if the club's budget and possibilities are limited? If you lack analysts, assistants and modern laboratories, then this e-book is for you.

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Why does the GPS monitoring system help improve team performance?

Speed, power and endurance are the qualities that coaches need on the pitch today. That is why a great attention is paid to the physical preparation, as it determines the result. Modern technologies help to optimize the training and make analysis based on reliable data.

  • The data collected from the GPS tracker help to analyse the stats that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

  • After a few training sessions, the system can be used to draw the first conclusions about the player's current capabilities.

  • The analysis of training intensity helps to adjust the loads, assess the fitness and physical potential of the players.

  • Young players show a huge interest in their stats, compare them and are willing to improve their skills.

How GPS monitoring helps in physical preparation?

Over the decade, GPS monitoring has become the primary tool for measuring training load. The development of technology means that systems designed for professional teams are becoming more accurate, advanced and expanded in terms of functionality and number of parameters. But in youth teams, lower leagues and niche outdoor sports, limited budgets mean that clubs are looking for products tailored to their needs and capabilities.

  • Physical preparation plays an increasingly important role in outdoor team sports.

  • Monitoring training loads is necessary to avoid injuries due to overtraining or under-training, which account for as much as 90% of all injuries.

  • The use of the GPS system allows to reduce the number of injuries by half.

  • Too high costs of equipment and licenses for premium products mean that clubs are looking for cheaper solutions.

Professional GPS/ GNSS tracking system available for everyone

Tailored to every team

Our core project is truly wireless sports performance tracking system based on cloud. Product tailored to the needs and capabilities of youth teams, clubs from lower league classes and niche outdoor team sports.

  • Infrastructure simplification (cloud + WiFi).

  • Modern team management solutions.

  • Analytical system adapted to the needs of academies and youth teams.

  • A simplified version of the system for youth teams and academies.

  • The possibility of sharing devices by few youth teams).

  • Adjusting the offer to the needs and possibilities of customers.

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