How to train individually during pandemic?

The period of forced quarantine is problematic for players of all sports, and still we must maintain the physical condition somehow. So how do you make the best use of this time to get back to the game at your best disposal? Here are some tips and advice.

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Restrictions in individual training

Physical training during quarantine can be a real challenge due to many restrictions:

  • No use of gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools and other sports centres. Such places are now particularly dangerous, crowded rooms with high humidity create excellent conditions for the spread of the virus.

  • Strength training at home means lack of equipment.

  • Limit of sport-specific training, possible options are individual techniques, could be in pairs.

Advantages of individual training

It still can be a great opportunity to develop and improve our results.

  • We can use this period to work on our weaknesses and elements which we usually don’t have enough time for: hypoxic training, running technique, muscle hypertrophy, stretching, movement pattern exercises.

  • The absence of matches and training sessions gives us space to increase the volume of aerobic speed training without the risk of injury or decreased match fitness.

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How to train and achieve the best results?

In order to achieve the best results while training individually, we must remember about a few most important rules:

  • If we want to maintain the condition we had at the end of preparation season, the first thing we should do is speed, power and jumping training and repeat it at least every 5 days.

  • Anaerobic training can be emphasized less often, which means that it will be less of a priority.

  • Even though it will take a month for aerobic endurance and strength to decrease, it is worth dedicating a significant amount of time to these aspects.

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