How to use GPS in motor training

KGHM Zagłębie Lubin Academy has been focusing on youth training for many years. To prepare players for the game at the highest level, great emphasis is placed on motor preparation and systematic work based on data from the GPS system. How do coaches use them, what parameters do they pay attention to and why is profiling so important today? This is what you will learn from our e-book.

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Development is the most important thing

Such a well-managed academy has a long-term vision and the results in individual age categories are of secondary importance.

  • In youth football, victory is important, but more important is the player's development, so that in a few years he will make his debut in the league or national team. Moving through the stages, we must take into account the child's psychomotor development.

  • There are so-called sensitive periods, i.e. optimal windows for the development of such features as: speed, coordination, endurance, flexibility, etc.

  • In early school age, we try to avoid specialization, it is best for the child to practice at least 2 sports simultaneously, then it will develop harmoniously.

  • From the age of 12 to 14, there are many changes in the body of a young athlete. When it enters the phase of intense growth, muscle coordination is disturbed, which often affects overload injuries and discourages the player from working.

  • After the age of 15-16, year after year, players are prepared for senior loads, then we start specialist training with them and this is the optimal age to introduce monitoring of training capacity and load.

Right conclusions affect the quality of training

I believe that the role of strength and conditioning coaches will be closer to that of a stock market analyst who will draw the right conclusions from GPS data, Wellness questionnaires, fatigue measurements, etc. Through constant communication with the staff, it will affect the quality and quantity of football training (technical and tactical).

  • Football is a complex discipline, with no certain pattern, but physical preparation is determined primarily by the continuous tactical development of the best teams in the world.

  • The game has become really complicated in terms of tactics that there is very little time for motor preparation in training.

  • Often, for 30 minutes of the physical part, the coach must include warm-up, prevention, speed training, agility training and many other elements.

  • The most important pillars of sports success, especially for children and adolescents, are: GOOD NUTRITION, HYDRATION, SLEEP, PROPER TRAINING AND REST.

Professional GPS/ GNSS tracking system available for everyone

GPS helps shape proper motor skills

“I am currently working on the Sonda Sports system. Thanks to this, I monitor the work done by the players in the age categories from U16 to U18. In everyday work, the most important thing is the speed and readability of the data provided by the system, and here Sonda Sports is very user-friendly, even intuitive.” - explains Jacek Piegza, strength and conditioning coach of Zagłębie Lubin.

  • After each training session, I download the data via WiFi, and then download excel files, which allows me to quickly analyze and visualize them.

  • The longer I work with GPS, the more data I monitor, but the key indicators for me are: Total Distance, Average Speed, Number of Sprints, Accelerations, HID, VHID, HMLD, RZ and Player Load.

  • The parameters expressed in meters give me an overall picture of the training volume, the quantitative parameters show the intensity, the Player Load gives a clear number for global analysis, and RZ for me is the basic indicator of fatigue or overtraining.

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